Why Tedco

Our buildings are custom built and fabricated to your specifications. With an engineer certification and stamp, comes the guarantee of dependable strength, quality craftsmanship, and the reliance you deserve from a company dedicated to going the extra step to ensure customer satisfaction.

TEDCO's buildings are engineer certified and stamped, the exceptional 5 year warranty covers a fully installed building with an extensive warranty on the manufacturer's baked on enamel paint.

Honesty and experience in the metal construction trade has made Tedco Buildings equipped to work anywhere you want to build. Our customers find Tedco Buildings prices to be competitive, and the quality exceptional.



(Fritch Tornado) - Our buildings and carports survived! (Fritch Tornado) - Did their buildings survive?
4" 4000 PSI concrete floor 3 1/2" 3000 PSI concrete floor
3/8" rebar on 16" sqaures 10 gauge wire mesh
10" wide footings 8" wide footings
1/2" rebar in footings Does theirs?
We install our buildings Most do not install the buildings
Screws into PBL (Purlin Bearing Lip) Only screws in the lap of the sheets
26 gauge sheets with a 45 year warranty 26 gauge sheets with a 5-30 year warranty
Offer colored sheets on roof Offer Galvalume for roof
5 workmanship warranty Do they?
Rafters are pre-stressed to handle weight load Rafters are not pre-stressed
Rafters and walls are on average 5' apart Rafters are 15' to 30' apart
One building, one price, one company Several different contractors and YOU do the scheduling
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